What could be better than WURST?

November in New Braunfels

New Braunfel’s German heritage shows up in lots of ways.  German names, architecture, language and of course German food.  Wurstfest  is a 2 week long celebration every fall of Wurst, oompah music and you guessed it– Beer!  What could be better than Wurst in New Braunfels?

Let’s get this party started

In 1961 the first WurstFest was held in New Braunfels.  It started out as just a party and quickly grew into a  yearly event.   History lovers see this link.  Over the years the name has changed, food items have developed, land use has been donated, parking needs have grown.  The one constant throughout the long history is the sausage.  One of the meat markets came up with a pig in a blanket, which could be held in one hand while holding a beer in the other.  Then came sausage on a stick, and lots of other mouth watering Wurst favorites! What could be better than Wurst in New Braunfels?

About the music

As the celebration evolved, larger and larger crowds came to town.  With it’s “fair like” atmosphere, booths sponsored by local non profit groups were encouraged so the entire community could benefit from the tourism coming to New Braunfels each year.  Nationally known stars came to entertain.  I’ve read that Myron Floren of the Lawrence Welk show was one of the first.  If you are too young to remember the show, Mr. Floren played the accordion and oompah music galore!  Pintrest Myron Floren and daughter.  There is even an album inspired by the annual Wursfest in New Braunfels….(you can find it on Amazon!) 

Shake those tail feathers!

The chicken dance!  Where else but New Braunfels and Wurstfest?  How to fit in at Wurstfest  The most fun is the dancing. Polka is what oompah music is all about!  Put your dancing shoes on and shake a leg, grab a brew and don’t forget the sausage!

Wurstfest Fashions

Traditional German costumes such as lederhosen and dirndls will be seen aplenty!  But you can wear your regular clothes of course.  If you are interested in finding out more about where to purchase traditional costumes, My Sister’s Closet in New Braunfels sells vintage German wear.  Here’s a video about Das lederhosen and dirndls.


What could be better than Wurst? Is 2 weeks enough?

From Fun Runs to Artoberfest to “The Beverly Wurstbillies” and the Wurst Open Golf Tournament there is so much more than just beer and sausage happening!  Tours of Conservation Plaza, and a must see, the Sophienburg Museum and Archives, you and your family will have something new on your agenda the entire visit!  Local Events Wurstfest Time New Braunfels


For more information about Wurstfest in New Braunfels, Pamela Powell can be reached at 830-302-2199.  Or see my Facebook pageLinkedIn page, or Twitter feed.  See all my blog posts at PamPowell.net



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